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Pictures of Danang 1 362nd TEWS, Early SP K-9 (1965), BX on fire, Gunfighter Village
Pictures of Danang 2 366th MMS, 366th TEWS, SP's 1967, Freedom Hill Main Exchange, Danang AB Main Exch.
Pictures of Danang 3 20th TASS
Pictures of Danang 4 366th MMS, Gunfighter Village, Barracks, The flightline, Puff
Pictures of Danang 5 366th MMS, 500 Piaster note, Gunfighter Village, Flightline
Pictures of Danang 6 Base orientation brochure
Pictures of Danang 7 Base orientation brochure, Perimeter, Tent City
Pictures of Danang 8 366th Security Police K-9
Pictures of Danang 9 The Flightline, Funny Money, Rocket shrapnel
Pictures of Danang 10 366th AMS, Mystery SP, Bob Hope
Pictures of Danang 11 366th AMS, Rocket attack BX, Gunfighter Pilots
Pictures of Danang 12 Downtown Danang, Gunfighter Pilots, The Flightline
Pictures of Danang 13 366th Security Police, 366th AMS
Pictures of Danang 14 F4's flying, landing, taxing "390th Wild Boars",  Door gunner, 362nd TEWS
Pictures of Danang 15 362nd TEWS, Bob Hope Xmas Ticket
Pictures of Danang 16 Drink stirrer, Funny money, Rocket attack Gunfighter Village 1967
Pictures of Danang 17 F4 with laser guided missles, EC-121 crash
Pictures of Danang 18 100th Mission celebration, rocket attack 8/22/69, EC121 crash
Pictures of Danang 19 Rocket attack, 366th AEMS, F4's
Pictures of Danang 20 366th AEMS, AC119 Gunship, Rockets display, Mama-san's
Pictures of Danang 21 NCO Open Mess, Open Mess Pass card, short-timer pic,4th TFS, Freedom Bird, Rocket Damage
Pictures of Danang 22 I Corps bridge on the way to Monkey Mtn., aerial photos of Vietnam
Pictures of Danang 23 China Beach, Mountains around Danang, Gunfighter Village
Pictures of Danang 24 Gunfighter Village, fuel bladders on Base Ops side, F4's
Pictures of Danang 25 Spooky -Puff Gunship, AC-119 Gunship, aerial photos of Vietnam
Pictures of Danang 26 EC-121 crash, Danang perimeter
Pictures of Danang 27 Phu Bai, Marble Mountain, Monkey Mountain, Danang Harbor
Pictures of Danang 28 Munitions at Quang Nagi, Coastal area around Danang, Danang bomb dump, AC-119 Gunship
Pictures of Danang 29 Jolly Green Giant, F4's, 20th TASS Bird Dogs, C130's, Bob Hope Show
Pictures of Danang 30 Cookout, Danang Navy Yard, Tanks being unloaded, Marble Mountain
Pictures of Danang 31 On the road to Marble Mountain, On the road to Monkey Mountain
Pictures of Danang 32 Safe Conduct Pass, Road to Monkey Mountain, Downtown Danang, Gunfighter Village,Mosquito Flix, Rocket Attack 6/9/69
Pictures of Danang 33 Good pictures of around Danang AB in the 68 - 69 era,  Jimmy Grant
Pictures of Danang 34 366th Security Police    Russell Harrell Photos
Pictures of Danang 35 366th Security Police    Russell Harrell Photos
Pictures of Danang 36 366th Security Police    Russell Harrell Photos
Pictures of Danang 37 366th Security Police    Russell Harrell Photos
Pictures of Danang 38 366th Security Police    Russell Harrell Photos
Pictures of Danang 39 Downtown Danang, Welcome to Danang sign, Jimmy Grant, Paul Silveus 366th MMS photos
Pictures of Danang 40 Bomb dump explosion, Bomb loading equipment, Paul Silveus 366th MMS photos
Pictures of Danang 41 Rocket damage 7/ 67, Flightline, Sp post, Gunfighter Village - Jerry Sanger 366th Security Police
Pictures of Danang 42 Rocket damage July 67, Flightline, Napalm dump - Jerry Sanger 366th Security Police
Pictures of Danang 43 Richard Sawyer USMC, photos of Danang from rocket watch on Freedom Hill. 
Rocket Damage, Don Luke photos
Pictures of Danang 44 Rocket Damamge, 366th Security Police K-9 Dog Handlers
Pictures of Danang 45 Camp Swampy, 366th Security Police K-9 Dog Handlers, Buddist temple, bridge, Danang AB Main Exchange, Vernon Hodge Photos
Pictures of Danang 46 Perimeter guard tower, Pics of Siagon, Vernon Hodge Photos
Pictures of Danang 47 Newspaper article about rocket attack, Bud Knoops
Pictures of Danang 48 366th Security Police Charles R. Barker photos, Damage report rocket attack 22 Aug 69 James F. Smith photos. Richard Slowik has a photo of a GIB, looking for his name. Paul Dogan, Paul and his friends, 20th TASS shop Chief Randy, Amn. John Crane (Sheet Metal Shop), China Beach Kids
Pictures of Danang 49 421st TFS expediter truck, F4E's 324 and 358, Gunfighter Gazette with 421st TFS leaves Danang, Jim Baker waiting for his F4 to return. Jim Baker photos, 366th MMS, Dogpatch, bomb dump dog, bomb dump.
Pictures of Danang 50 366th MMS, Bomb Dump, MJ4, Camp Swampy, rocket craters, Fred Robertson photos. Bruce Taylor.
Pictures of Danang 51 366th Security Police K9, Pictures of kennels, kennel training area, pictures of around Danang 67-68.  Ernie Gowell photos.
Pictures of Danang 52 366th Security Police K9, Dog Handler party at China Beach, Dog Handlers group shot, pictures of around hut 6 and view of Danang AB from atop of a hanger. Ernie Gowell photos
Pictures of Danang 53 China Beach, Charlies munitions stash found, EC121 crash,  Bruce Taylor photos
Pictures of Danang 54 Bomb Dump hit, 366th MMS, Bruce Taylor, Bomb Dump Pup, more Bruce Taylor photos pg. 64.
Pictures of Danang 55 Danang Airbase from the air, Craig and his F4,  Craig MacDonald photos
Pictures of Danang 56 EC-121 Crash, Gerry Beecher photo's
Pictures of Danang 57 366th Security Police Cobra Flight 69 - 70, EC-121 crash, William Dobbs photo's
Pictures of Danang 58 Downtown Danang, Orhpanage, Nixon cartoon, Aircraft, Ray Hafner photos
Pictures of Danang 59 F4's, AC-119 Gunship, T38, 366th CES, Danang at night, Chester Adamik photos.  TFW Scoreboard, Roger Shifflett photo
Pictures of Danang 60 Spooky, Barracks, 366th CES plague, A6, F102, Chester Adamik photos
Pictures of Danang 61 366th Security Police, Kyle Rose photos
Pictures of Danang 62 366th Security Police K9 patch (Jimmy Gifford), Duane Gilrie's band, 366th MMS, Frank Newman photos  366th Security Police, Dave Ashby photos.
Pictures of Danang 63 F16 with armorment, F4's, Jack Drain photos.
Pictures of Danang 64 366th MMS, inside 15th Aerial Port Bruce "going home" Bruce Taylor photos.
Pictures of Danang 65 F4  S/N 333  being restored in Norway, Ole Jensen and Bruce Galloway photos
Pictures of Danang 66 480th TFS picture, Larry Duckett and his bird, Larry Duckett photos.  Maj David P Brewer photo
Pictures of Danang 67 Danang 1968 - 1969, Tent City, Kids receiving Xmas gifts, Flightline, Freedom Hill and more,
Bob Kaatman photos
Pictures of Danang 68 Newspaper articles about Danang.   John Kovatch photos.
Pictures of Danang 69 Danang 1967, F4's, A1A, Hill 327, F102, Jack Thornton, Harry King.  Dick Hicks photos
Pictures of Danang 70 366th MMS, Bomb dump and staging area, MMS barracks.  Skip Chervak photos
Pictures of Danang 71 Danny Vallance's Danang Photos:  Bomb dump explosions, F-4 Revetments
Pictures of Danang 72 CW2 Thomas Twitchell's Photos:  Me and my rockets
Pictures of Danang 73 Jim Ringo's Photos:  Gunfighter Village, Marble Mountain aerial shots.
Pictures of Danang 74 Bob Mitchell's Photos:  Pictures are of friends who served with me at DaNang.
F4 Photo Gallery This page will take 3 -4 minutes to load, it has 44 pictures.
Gunfighter Village Photo Gallery This page will take 3 -4 minutes to load, it has 44 pictures.
Fred Lewis's Danang Photos "The remains of a rocket attack "
Patrick Wiggins Photos 1970 EC-121 crash, Pictures of it happening.
Michael McFarland's Photos Photos 366th Fighter Assoc. Seattle Reunion 2005
Andrew Pollock's Photos May 1969 to May 1970
366th MMS Reunion 366th MMS Reunion, Denver, Sept. 16 - 18th, 2005
366th MMS Photos

Photos from the 366th MMS Photo Album


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