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fantastic shot of bomb dump blowing up at Danang on April 27, 1969.  From Danny Vallance   liberty@northnet.org


F-4 Revetments with F-4 taxing and special F-4E with General Rogers and

special painted aircraft and SUU-23 on wings and nose gun. Photo's taken by

Danny Vallance liberty@northnet.org




end of runway--chute deployed and F-4 Taxing with AGM-12C Bullpulp Missile

( white)


April 27, 1969  Bomb dump going up in smoke.  From Danny Vallance   366th MMS      liberty@northnet.org


April 27, 1969  Danang Bomb Dump explosions,  This is a really great shot.   Danny vallance    liberty@northnet.org



This is a special F-4E  Wing Commander  Brig. General Rogers with special flight.  4 SUU-23 under wing stations, 1 under center line and Vulcan Nose Gun.  Fired all guns and really slowed the air craft down because of firepower of guns.  Historic flight.  Danny Vallance     liberty@northnet.org


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