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    Roberto Diaz standing in front of his tent

    Roberto Diaz with his bomb crew. Airman Bell with his elbow on the
    crane boom. The bombs are 500 pounders (MK83's)

    Rocket crater (Roberto Diaz photo)

        Barracks after rocket attack 15 July 71, Gunfighter village
        (Roberto Diaz photo)

     Robert Diaz standing on a line of 250 pounders (MK82's)

             A1E Skyraiders on the flightline (Roberto Diaz photo)

      Jim Jones, early 1971 with his aircraft #771.
      Due to be repainted.

                      Jim Jones with #771 after it's paint job.

             Tail #005 at NKP, pilot said the left brake grabbed!
             (Jim Jones photo)

      F4 revetments in 1968. (Jim Jones photo)

        F4's at Danang 1968. (Jim Jones photo)

   Jim Jones, summer 1971. Gunfighter village.
   He's facing VNAF A37 ramp. The BX is in the

   140mm rocket hit in front of SP huts, one SP hit on the leg -1967
   (Ron Westering Photo)

          SP huts 1967 (Ron Westering Photo)

            Rocket hit next to POL area 1967
            (Ron Westering Photo)

  Midway down the flightline 1967 (Ron Westering Photo)

           Looking from the main gate to the BX 1967
           (Ron Westering Photo)

        Looking from Danang to Marble Mountain 1967
        (Ron Westering Photo)

            VC prison camp by the main gate 1967
             (Ron Westering Photo)

  The Airmen's Club 1967 (Ron Westering Photo)

            Freedom Hill on Monkey Mountain after a rocket
            attack in 1969. The arrow shows where Bob Hope
            had his Christmas Shows in 1968 and 1969.
            (Gary Ganskow photo)

   The Freedom Hill Main Exchange rocket damage 1969. (Gary Ganskow photo)

                                    Freedom Hill 1969
                  "Keep off the grass" (Gary Ganskow photo)

    Freedom Hill 1969, more rocket damage, rocket crater in
    foreground. (Gary Ganskow photo)

           Freedom Hill, damage everywhere. (Gary Ganskow photo)

              Freedom Hill, more damage. (Gary Ganskow photo)

        This is the Main Exchange at the main entrance to Danang Air Base 1969.
        We would loose this area to the VC almost every friday and had to take it
        back by dark. (Gary Ganskow photo)

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